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brandesign IP firm specializes in trademarks and designs.
We excel at overturning Office Actions issued by Examiners based on our “study” and “experience”.


We offer services such as searches, advice of application strategy, responses to Office Actions, negotiations regarding trademarks and designs so that you can prevent the use of them from infringing third parties’ rights.

  • Trademark


    Specific services for trademarks

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    Specific services for designs



This service helps you with adopting names. We conduct multiple trademark searches with our comments from a legal and a non-legal (marketing) point of view. You can receive a brief legal report on multiple trademark candidates and advice on if the candidates are suitable for Japanese people.

Advantages of the service

If your trademark candidate has bad meanings (connotations) or is difficult to remember for Japanese people, we provide you with the information. This can prevent you from adopting trademarks which are not acceptable to Japanese consumers.
You do not receive too detailed reports which cost you a lot when there are multiple trademark candidates. Our search stops without thorough analysis when we find prior marks which may be similar to your marks in NAMING SUPPORING service. This reduces the cost.

<Sample of a report>

TrademarkPossibility of registrationNon-legal impressionBrief comments
AHighNo connotations/Easy to rememberNo comments
BLowNo connotations/Easy to rememberThe prior mark B’ should be similar to B
CMediumNo connotations/Difficult to rememberJPO may find C descriptive.
General Japanese people cannot read C.
DMediumWeird meaning/Difficult to rememberThe prior mark EE might be similar to E. /E has the meaning “toilet” for the subject goods “ice cream”
ELow (at least the goods “XXX” in class YY)No connotations/ intermediate to rememberThe prior mark B’ should be similar to B. It is a little difficult for general Japanese people to read F.


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